Clear and concise reports for clients engaged in settlement, mediation or litigation, including:
• CPR 35 and PD 35 compliant expert reports, analysing inter alia:
• Banks’ compliance with regulatory duties when selling IRHPs;
• The features, risks and benefits of the IRHPs sold; and
• Alternative IRHPs that would have been available.
• Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of claims;
• Submissions to the Financial Ombudsman Service; and
• Concise case summaries for the benefit of clients’ MPs.
Warwick Risk Management has assisted in more than 300 cases.

​In an April 2016 judgment, the Judge said that our report “cogently supported the proposition that an interest rate cap rather than an interest swap should have been sold” and “was instrumental in persuading [the bank] to make a much increased offer”.
Expert valuation of interest rate hedging products (IRHPs) and other financial instruments:
• IRHPs including swaps, caps and collars;
​• Fixed Rate Loans aka. Tailored Business Loans;
• Complex structures including cancellable products;
• LOBOs including range floaters and embedded constant maturity swaps;
• Inflation derivatives including RPI and LPI swaps, caps and floors;
• Historical break cost valuations; and
• FRS 102 valuation reports for current products.
Warwick Risk Management is recognised as one of the leading experts in this specialist field.
Support for clients and their advisers in respect of mis-sold interest rate hedging products and fixed rate loans:​
• Expert support for clients and their legal teams;
• Direct negotiation with the bank with to achieve mediated settlements;
• Expert submissions to the banks’ complaints departments, the FCA Review and • the Financial Ombudsman Service;
• Historical valuations of interest rate products, fixed rate loans and RPI swaps;       and
•Alternative product analysis​
Warwick Risk Management’s expert support has assisted hundreds of SMEs to obtain redress totaling more than £200 million.

Some of our best results have been achieved through direct negotiation with the bank, often where the client has retained the option to litigate.  In our experience, banks will settle strong, well-argued claims rather than risk defeat in court
Warwick Risk Management acts as an expert advisor to law firms, SMEs, partnerships and private individuals engaged in or considering litigation against banks in respect of:
• Mis-sold IRHPs;
• Mis-sold fixed rate loans;
• DISP claims;
• Abuse by recovery divisions, notably GRG;
• LIBOR and ISDAfix manipulation; and
• Financial duress.
Some claimants find themselves statute-barred from issuing conventional breach of contract claims.  However, it is often possible to overcome limitation issues, for example where the bank’s activity involved criminal conduct, fraudulent misrepresentation, interest rate manipulation and/or financial duress.